Ramon Marin


Ramon Marin

Climber and Alpkiteer

Growing up near the Catalan Pyrenees, Ramon has always had an attraction to mountains. He started climbing aged 14, but skiing took over for most of his teenage years, eventually becoming an instructor. It was only later, when he lived in the Dolomites, that climbing really took hold. Ramon makes his living doing graphic design, but climbing has been the fabric that has knitted his life. In the last 20 years he's explored many corners of the world looking for things to climb. Ramon especially enjoys the winter environment and the ephemerality of ice climbing.

The Number Crunch:

  • Sport Climbing: Redpoint 8a / Onsight 7c+
  • Trad Climbing: E8 Headpoint / E6 Flash
  • Mixed Climbing: M13+ redpoint / M11 Onsight_
  • Ice Climbing: Wi6+
  • Scottish Winter: VIII, 8_
  • Ranked 27th in Ice Climbing World Cup (Saas Fee)

Route sending

  • Cryophobia M8+/Wi6. Canada
  • The Real Big Drip M8/Wi6+. Canada
  • Mehr Power Wi6+. Kandersteg.
  • Reise Integral Wi6. Kandersteg.
  • Kraftwerk Wi6 (first ascent). Kandersteg.
  • Steel Koan M13+. Canada.
  • Neolithic M11 (Onsight). Canada
  • My Piano E8. Nesscliffe, UK._
  • Dalriada E7. Scotland
  • Sundance VIII, 8. Scotland.

Ramon Marin On Film

Ramon Marin

Ramon Marin - A Mountain Journal Short

Long term Alpkiteer Ramon Marin has climbed some of the hardest mixed and ice routes in the world. Balancing a full time job he has an unwavering passion and determination for maximising his time outside of this to embrace climbing in all forms, simply for the love of it. "From winter to summer, in a blink of an eye. No time to be idle, as it always appears. I don't know what it is really, perhaps knowing that there's so much to do, to explore, to wonder. That propels me forward. Always hungry for more.