Would you say that you’re in the market for a dirt-centric Road Plus tyre? Or maybe that you’re looking for comfort on remote gravel roads without being slowed down on the pavement required to reach them? Well you’ve come to the right place!

The Byway Road Plus tyre delivers supple plus-size traction and smooth riding characteristics further into the dirt.

Staying true to its road usage, a slick centerline borders angular hatching to keep everything smooth on sections of pavement. Intermediate, diamond-shaped peaks provide steadfast traction under power, while consistent and more substantial side knobs extend down the side to protect it against ill-intentioned rocks or gashes while exploring new areas.


Key Features

Vital stats


Compound: Dual DNA Rubber Bead: TCS


Wheel size: 650b Width: 47 mm Weight: 535 g

Origin: United Kingdom