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    UDH Hanger


    UDH Replacement/spare mech hanger

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    The UDH is designed to optimize shift performance across all bikes as well as create a sensible solution for replacing damaged hangers.

    • It offers unparalleled derailleur protection and perfect alignment.
    • Designed to rotate rearward in the event of an impact
    • A hanger that becomes the industry standard.

    The Universal Derailleur Hanger consolidates thousands of hanger options across the bicycle brands so hunting for a replacement is becoming a thing of the past.

    It protects your derailleur against chain jams by pivoting back and out of the way and slips slightly when encountering impacts. It improves shifting performance, guarantees better alignment, and works with all drivetrains.


    Key Features

    • You hang your rear mech off it...
    • Sometimes it breaks off...
    • To protect your rear mech...
    • And then you buy a new one...
    • Nice one.