• BTOHLFXCOM-01-hiplok fx red
    • BTOHLFXCOM-01-hiplok fx red

    Hiplok FX Wearable Retractable Combination Lock

    Combination bike lock


    Compact and wearable combination bike lock with 1 metre retractable cable for café pit-stops and milk run reassurance

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    It’s a familiar situation: trying to park the bike somewhere that’s visible from inside, peering over to check on it every 5 seconds like a nervous meerkat.

    The Hiplok FX is designed to provide that extra peace of mind when you have to leave your bike somewhere out of sight. A retractable 1 metre steel cable allows you to secure both the frame and front wheel and will even allow you to lock multiple bikes together.

    At just 100g grams, it’s small and light enough to easily fit into a jersey pocket or saddle bag and there’s an additional clip with reflective strip to secure it in place and improve visibility. The 3 digit combination wheel can be set to a code of your choice and then registered on the Hiplok website - just in case you forget.

    The Hiplok FX may be no true substitute for a sturdy D Lock but it’ll certainly reduce your worry levels and let you focus on enjoying that frothy cappuccino instead.


    Key Features

    • 1m retractable cable is long enough to go through a bike frame and front wheel or even lock several bikes together
    • Combination lock system removes the need to take a separate key with you
    • Rear clip for attaching to jersey/trouser pockets with reflective strip for visibility
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

    Origin: United Kingdom