Sonder Alpha 700c Aero [OEM]

With their lightweight rims, 6 pawl hubs and low drag design, the Alpha Aero wheelset balances flat road speed with climbing performance.

  • 6-pawl hub for instant engagement and pedalling efficiency
  • 31mm deep rims and bladed spokes to reduce drag
  • Disc brake specific and tubeless-ready design

The 1,950g Sonder Alpha Aero wheelset uses a 6-pawl freehub for instant acceleration and maximum pedalling efficiency. These hubs provide 120 points of contact, resulting in just 3° of rotation between each click. With less free movement and a faster engagement, the wheels respond the minute you put the hammer down and save wasted watts over distance.

We designed the rims with a depth of 31mm to reduce drag on the flat without adding too much mass for the climbs. The deep profile and Pillar bladed spokes reduce air resistance from angled headwinds and minimise internal wheel turbulence. This aerodynamic design allows you ride faster for the same effort or at the same speed for less effort.

Made from a premium KLM14 (6061) alloy, the Alpha Aero rims provide more strength and stiffness for a lower weight. They’re also welded and pre-taped for setting up tubeless, allowing you to make further savings on weight and rolling resistance.

24mm wide (with a 19mm internal width), the Alpha Aero wheels are optimised for 25mm to 35mm tyres. This wider internal width allows you to run higher volume tyres that are faster rolling, more comfortable over distance and with better grip over changing surfaces.

28 Day Rolling Returns
If you don’t love your Sonder wheels, you can send them back for a no-quibble refund within 28 days.