Ultra-endurance stories with Will Robinson
  • Ultra-endurance stories with Will Robinson

Ultra-endurance stories with Will Robinson


3 hours

An evening of stories from Will's ultra-distance adventures 

Join us at Alpkit Bristol on December 15th for an evening talk with Will Robinson covering everything endurance and ultra-distance.

From a young age Will enjoyed cycling and running across counties, countries and continents. He has ridden across America and from Bristol to Athens whilst also competing in other long-distance races.

In August, Will wanted to focus purely on the mental challenge of cycling continuously for 30+ hours. The route was 333 (and a fraction) loops of The Clifton Downs, Bristol, to reach the target of 1000km in the hope of raising £5,000, which was exceeded massively with a total raised reaching £11,805 for the Braintrust.

He'll be holding an evening talk and Q&A at our Bristol store to talk about everything endurance and long distance. He will be telling us stories about his ultra-distance adventures: how he prepared for them mentally and physically, and how he squeezed in all these calories. Knowing Will, we are certain that the talk won't be short of all his amusing, giggle-inducing hallucination stories.

Come and hangout with us on Thursday the 15th of December at 6.30pm, have a drink, a snack and enjoy Will's talk. After the talk questions are encouraged as Will's aim from this evening is to inspire and encourage everyone to get out there and push their limits.

There are 30 tickets available for the price of £6, which will go to Alpkit Foundation and help dismantle barriers that people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds face accessing the outdoors.

Tickets are available through eventbrite below