Sonder Nova 29 [OEM] Wheelset

Dependable 29” mtb boost wheels


29” boost wheels with sealed bearings that handle cross country and trail riding with confidence

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Whether you're navigating rock gardens or tackling steep climbs, Novas will consistently give you a boost when the roads are rough and the terrain is tricky. Machine built for precision on Sonder’s sealed hubs.

Boost: wider, stiffer, tougher

Nova's boost hub is wider than a standard hub; extra width between the flanges promotes a shallower spoke bracing angle to create a stronger, stiffer wheel. A wider hub also means a shorter chainstay, more mud clearance, and better tyre clearance.

Wider rims mean tyres work better

26mm lightweight aluminium rims make this wheelset ideal for rock gardens and technical terrain – you can run 2.2" - 2.6" tyres, which will plump up really nicely to give a broad contact patch for maximum traction and confidence.

Built to take abuse

Novas have sealed bearings that are easily serviceable without the need for specialist tools. Plain-gauge spokes have been chosen to keep the wheels super-strong, whether you’re landing big drops or loading your bike with luggage. And a steel free-hub body will take years of abuse. You could go round the world on these wheels.

Tubeless Compatible

The Nova 29's tubeless-ready rims mean you’ll be able to run lower pressures, giving you even better traction and control.


Key Features

  • Wide rims increase the contact patch of tyres and reduce rolling resistance
  • Tubeless-ready to allow you to run lower pressures for better grip
  • Plain-gauge stainless steel spokes make wheels strong enough to load up your bike with gear
  • Sealed cartridge bearings mean low maintenance
  • 3 year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Wheel Spec

Nova Rim: internal width 26mm. Takes 29x2.2-2.6 tyres
Nova boost hub: 15mm thru-axle front, 12mm thru-axle rear
Sealed cartridge bearings
Steel free-hub body for durability
Spokes: Stainless steel plain-gauge


Front: 1140g Rear: 1340g