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Pack as small and light as possible with the Soloist Cooking Bundle. You don’t need to carry much cookware on a multi-day trip if you’re only making rehydrated meals, hot drinks and maybe the odd bowl of porridge. This compact bundle contains everything you need to cook basic meals for one person and weighs just 250g for the whole set.

A powerful titanium stove weighing just 45g and perfect for ultalight solo trips. The simple design pumps out 2600W of heat and uses three hinged pot supports which fold down to make the Kraku around the size of an AA battery when packed.

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MytiMug 650
Ultralight and simple titanium mug/cooking pot weighing just 80g. The MytiMug has a capacity of 650ml (enough for most dehydrated meal pouches) and will easily fit a 100g gas cannister, the Kraku and a small lighter inside. Fold-away handles make the MytiMug 650 particularly compact when packing. 10.1cm x 10.3cm (height x diameter).

Aluminium 9-leaf windshield weighing 110g. The Concertina dramatically improves your stove’s efficiency by protecting it from wind. The 14cm x 7cm packed size folds out to a 60cm max circumference with simple steel groundstakes to provide a stable wind protection even when it’s particularly breezy.

SnapWire Foon
Half spoon, half fork.. we call it a Foon. The combined weight of a fork and spoon is 31g, the Foon is just 17g! This titanium foon folds in half to reduce its length by 50% which means it can be stowed away conveniently in your camping mug.

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