The Gravelking SK TLC is a more aggressive version of the best-selling Gravelking tyres. Like the Gravelking, the Gravelking SK has a hybrid tread that’s designed to excel on and off-road.

’SK’ stands for small knob’; a grid of small, square knobbles down the centre of the tyre offers plenty of grip on loose trails and bridleways, with longer blocks on the shoulder of the tyre for extra traction in the turns. This combination provides flat-out speed on sandy tracks and fireroads but is still smooth rolling enough for long sections of tarmac.

The tyres are tubeless compatible, reducing your risk of punctures and allowing you to run lower tyre pressures for extra grip and cushioning over rough terrain. An integrated Anti-Flat casing provides a puncture protective layer for extra reassurance on long rides and the AX-α casing offers a supple and responsive ride.


Key Features

  • Versatile tread pattern for on and off-road road riding
  • Tubeless compatible to allow you to run lower tyre pressures
  • ZSG natural rubber compound is grippy on a variety of surface
  • Integrated puncture protection casing
  • AX-α low rolling resistance casing
  • Available in black and tan side-walls
  • Folding aramid beading
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


SizeETRTOWeightMax Pressure (kPa / PSI)



TLC : MAX 400 / 60

Tubed : MAX 650 / 85


TLC : MAX 400 / 60

Tubed : MAX 525 / 75

700x43c43-622480gMAX 400 / 60


The Details