Go beyond lightning fast dips into proper open water swimming with this accessory pack. A couple of essential bits of kit and a few small luxuries can make a big difference to your swimming experience.

Coniston Swimming Cap
Silicone swimming cap to streamline your noggin and keep your brain warm. No one likes a brain freeze. Silicone is a hard-wearing material that doesn’t snag hair when you’re taking it on and off.

Kisdon Goggles
Open water swimming goggles with UV protection, an antifog coating and curved lenses to provide full field of vision in lakes, lochs and waves

Nose clip and ear plug set to bung up your bonce and stop it filling with water. Useful to block out nasties in less clean swimming locations.

Alpkit Beach Towel
Highly towelled 100% cotton Alpkit towel with advanced towelling for towelling off when you're wet and you'd rather be dry. It’s a towel. And it has our name on it!

A 200 lumen waterproof camping lantern, submersible up to 1 metre and float-able. Float-able? Bob Floats. Or you can leave him on the waterside to lead you back to your kit. Bob has 4 lighting modes (High, Medium, Low and SOS) with a range of 20 - 200 lumens and a Burn time range of 150 - 6 hours.


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