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    • Map And Compass
    • map and compass

    Map And Compass

    Pete hawkins

    €15,74 €17,49

    It helps to know where you're heading so knowing how to use a map and compass is a liberating experience. Discover a new dimension to the Great Outdoors

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      An instructive guidebook explaining map and compass techniques, to help readers enhance their outdoor experiences. Whether you are experienced in map-reading, or have never used a compass before, this guidebook will sharpen your skills and have you exploring new areas in no time. There are also tips for GPS and digital mapping technologies.


      Key Features

      • ISBN: 9781852845988
      • Author: Pete Hawkins
      • Pages: 176
      • Size: 21.6 x 13.8cm
      • Weight: 320g
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond