Kingston Women's Gravel Ride with Jenny Graham


Kingston women-only gravel ride and talk with Jenny Graham

Join us at our Kingston store for a women-only ride, talk and Q&A session with Jenny Graham.

Sonder rider Jenny Graham holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest woman to circumnavigate the planet by bike in 124 days and 11 hours!

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to attend this ride. We want to create a safe, women-only space to encourage riders to meet like-minded cyclists and discover local trails.

This will be a self-supported ride, lasting around 3 hours and will be at the pace of the slowest rider. You will need your own bike; a suitable gravel or mountain bike with safety equipment, repair kit and of course trail snacks!

For newer riders and seasoned bikers alike, store rides are non-competitive, friendly group events, followed by free snacks and drinks in store and a talk and Q&A session with Jenny Graham.

All participants will also get a voucher for 15% off* in-store.

The ride will start at 11:30am on September 24th from our Kingston store.
Tickets cost £7 with 70 spaces available.
Proceeds from this event's ticket sales will support the work of Alpkit Foundation.

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