Ilkley Adventure Festival - Level 1 Bike Maintenance


Bike maintenance class for women, trans and non-binary folks

Join us at Alpkit Ilkley on October 7th for a level 1 bike maintenance workshop for women, non-binary and trans folks, led by the Reyt Good Bike Club. Part of our month-long 'Ilkley Adventure Festival' event series.

Learn how to recognise then fix basic bike issues with confidence and learn the cleaning skills needed to keep your bike happy!

Want to know your bottom bracket from your cassette? Calliper from headset? You’re in the right place. Is this night for me? Sort of happy to fix your own puncture but not sure about anything else? You’re in the right place.

In association with Reyt Good Bike Club (@reytgoodbikesclub), this evening will enable you to be aware of your bike parts, how to look after and keep a happy, healthy bike

This workshop will help:

  • Give you the skills to confidently recognise issues with your bike.
  • Confidently name bike parts.
  • Be able to keep a clean, safe bike.
  • Be able to tinker with confidence!

  • How will the evening go?

    Introductions: We'll get to know each other, what type of riding we like, what type of cake we like and what we want to gain from the evening.

    ‘M’ Check + in-depth parts knowledge: We’ll cover the ‘M’ check. The easiest way to identify any potential issues with your bike. Whilst doing our ‘M’ check we’ll look at how all our parts work together, what they’re called and any potential issues.

    Getting confident with tinkering: Undo a bolt, learn what it does and tighten it up. How to make that part work, be confident in having a tinker! Everyone will loosen and tighten bolts to understand what parts they’re attached too and how to properly tighten back up. This will help keep your bike safe to ride.

    Cleaning: A clean bike is a happy bike! How do we clean a bike properly to ensure we’re not damaging but making sure our parts last longer and are safer.

    Just bring yourself, your bike plus any tools and spares you would normally carry on a ride. If you don't have any tools etc. we will be happy to provide them for the workshop.

    All money raised goes back into Reyt Good to fund our leaders through qualifications.

    *These tickets are reserved for Women, non-binary and trans folks. Why? Because there is real underrepresentation of these people in the biking world. We’re creating a safe space for people to learn skills, be happy and enjoy riding bikes.

    The workshop will run from 6:30pm - 9pm on October 7th.
    Refreshments will be provided on the night.

    Tickets are available through eventbrite here