The full fat crème de la crème of bike luggage, Fat bike Stingray is handmade bespoke here in our workshop to be the perfect match for your bike.

Your Fat bike’s laid-back geometry, wide bottom bracket, and the riding style it promotes accommodate a much rather frame bag than a standard bike. Crafted from waterproof, bombproof, and lightweight VX21 by local machinists, Fat Bike Stingray was dreamt up to make the most of this space, giving you the maximum possible storage.

A low centre of gravity minimises sacrifices to handling and manoeuvrability to let you lose yourself in enjoying the snow, sand, and everything in-between… which is how it should be really.

Fully customisable to suit your needs, Stingray is a fine-tuned technical product in a minimalistic package; strength enhanced by simplicity.