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    Extract Coffee Bags

    Speciality coffee


    Single origin speciality coffee in compostable brew bags. Ethiopian or Columbian beans, ethically sourced and roasted
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    Brew up delicious speciality single origin coffee wherever you are with compostable Extract Coffee bags. All you need is a mug, a stove and some water!

    With no extra brewing equipment to carry, these individually wrapped coffee bags allow you to save weight and packing space on backpacking and bikepacking trips – without compromising on the quality of your coffee. The bags have been expertly roasted and pre-weighed to give you a full-bodied and flavoursome cup of coffee in just 5 minutes.There's no messy clean-up operation afterwards either – just boil, brew and enjoy!

    Worka Wuri, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    Yirgacheffe famously produces some of Ethiopia’s best speciality coffees. Extract have been buying coffee from the Worka Wuri mill in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, since 2019. This fragrant, floral coffee is grown by 650 smallholders with average farm sizes of just two hectares each. The growers bring ripe coffee cherries to the Worka Wuri mill where they are pulped to remove the skins, washed, to remove the mucilage of the cherry and then dried on raised African beds.

    El Penol, Antioquia, Colombia
    El Penol is produced by another group of smallholders on the mountainous slopes of eastern Antioquia, a region renowned for producing exceptional coffee. Ripe coffee cherries are harvested, pulped to remove the skins and then washed to remove the remaining fruit of the cherry - known as the fully washed method.


    Key Features

    • Speciality grade coffee dosed for a full bodied brew
    • Easy to brew with less equipment and less mess
    • Fully compostable for no extra waste
    • Single origin coffees with 100% traceability
    • Supports farmers by buying coffee from the same farmer each year
    • Farmers are paid a quality-based premium, higher than Fairtrade
    • Grown using environmentally friendly methods
    • Roasted using renewable energy and sustainable practices
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

    Vital stats


    Worka Wuri: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    El Penol: Antioquia, Colombia


    Worka Wuri: Washed
    El Penol: Washed


    Worka Wuri: Orange blossom, lemon meringue pie
    El Penol: Red apple, praline, granola

    Brew method

    Place the bag in a cup and cover with hot water, leaving some space at the top. Jiggle the bag to help infusion and fill with the remaining hot water. Leave to brew for 5 minutes. Squeeze & remove bag. Great black or with milk. Compost your bag afterwards!


    8 coffee bags

    Sustainability and Product Care


    How It Is Made

    Sustainably Grown and Roasted
    All Extract coffees are grown using environmentally friendly methods, roasted by renewable energy and produced sustainably. Find out more on the Extract Coffee Roasters website.

    Where It Is Made
    Our products are made in the best factories in the world. We know the factories personally and they have all signed up to our Code of Ethics in our supply chain. This includes the Ethical Trading Initiative base code, fair pay, safe working environments, no child labour, no modern slavery, no bribery or corruption, no materials from conflict zones and humane farming methods.

    All our factories sign up to our Code of Conduct. Find out where we make our product by visiting our Factories of Alpkit factory zone.

    Reducing our carbon footprint
    We are carbon neutral under PAS2060 and offset our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 operations and transport emissions. We recognise that offsetting is not part of the solution but a point to pass through on a journey to Net Zero. Carbon Neutral is just a step in that journey.

    We have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative which sets independent targets for us to achieve to do our bit to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Our targets are to halve our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025 based on 2018 base year and reduce our total carbon intesnity by 15% every year to achieve genuine net zero by 2050.

    End of life
    When your partnership with this product is over send it back to us and we will pass it on to someone that needs it through our Continuum Project.