Drydock Wet Or Dry Duffle Bag Bundle

Big, burly and bombproof- these 50 litre and 100 litre duffle bag will annihilate your kit list, containing everything that you could possibly want to carry - except perhaps the kitchen sink! The go to bag for any expedition, climbing trip, long trek, gap year or holiday.

When you are transporting your personal kit around the world you want it to be managable and for it to arrive in the same condition as it left! DryDock has this covered on both levels, making transportation easy and adding an extra layer of protection.

The daisy chains running down each side of DryDock make it quick and easy to strap on the the top of jeeps, sleds and the occasional yak. Adjustable padded shoulder straps make carrying heavier loads more comfortable and can be detached when not needed, giving a more streamlined profile- useful on airport carousels. Twin handles make DryDock easy to haul on and off of buses and boats or simply dragged around airports and dusty tracks when you have large amounts of stuff.

Your kit will be protected by the tough and waterproof 1680d Oxford fabric - think of a slightly lighter weight version of the tarpualin material used on the side of trucks. Because the seams are welded there are no stitch lines to tape, giving a very clean and waterproof bathtub style construction. The opening is forced apart naturally by the shaping of the panels, making it just a little easier to pack. There is a little expansion in the top of the bag to help you zip up and buckles on each end of DryDock allow it to be compressed and expanded where required. The YKK Aquaguard zip itself is weather proof, but not 100% water tight, so if you are using this bag for watersports or straping to the top of a van make sure to pack you most prized posessions in a dry bag.

A handy front pocket is just the right size for keeping small valuables close to hand or for stopping you losing your house keys amongst the rest of your stuff!