BSO Climbing Escapology


Learn how to get yourself out of sticky climbing situations with this on-site rope management course. Climbing doesn't always go to plan: sunny Alpine multi-pitches turn into epic storm-chased retreats, you might get hit by a rock fall or you simply cannot pass the crux. This on-site course will teach you how to get back down safely.

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BSO Climbing Escapology BSO Climbing Escapology BSO Climbing Escapology
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What to Expect:

To get the most from this ground-based session, you should be and experienced outdoor climber. You should have a strong knowledge of basic knots used for climbing and be comfortable placing gear. Your instructor will cover:
- Advanced rope systems (including abseiling past a knot)
- Prussiking up a rope and passing knots
- How to tie off a belay plate
- Escaping the system

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What to Bring:

- Outdoor clothing suitable for the conditions
- A pen and paper if you want to take notes

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Essential Information:

Minimum Age: 14 (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)
Course Provider: Thornbridge Outdoors
Student / Instructor Ratio:8:1
Start/Finish: Thornbridge Outdoors
Transport: None required
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at the School of Adventure Meeting Point at least 10 minutes before the course starting time to meet your instructor and get set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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