Bike Parts and Components

Bike Parts and Components

Sonder bike parts and components are functional and durable with uncomplicated designs, manufactured to the same exacting standards as our bike frames... Read more

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Sonder Abode

High density foam saddle with semi split-leaf base
Bundle price €29,99

Sonder Kura

Lightweight with honeycomb base and titanium rails
Bundle price €59,99
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Sonder Zone

Cut-out saddle for maximum riding efficiency and comfort
Bundle price €44,99
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Brooks B17 Saddle

Brooks’ flagship leather saddle: unchanged for over a century
Bundle price From €109,99

These are the things that move, rotate and join; the interface between you, your frame and the surface you are riding on. Some big, some small but all are important.

Collaborating with industry legends, our design team has developed components built for the trail. We are only happy with a design when there is nothing more to add and nothing that can be taken away. We sell performance parts backed by our 3 Year Alpine Bond that's also sound on the pound