Limited Edition Camo Print Bikepacking Bags

Limited Edition Camo Print Bikepacking Bags

Nightjars, mountain hares, ptarmigans, and now... bikepackers: using camouflage to successfully blend in with their surroundings. A limited run of X-33 fabric... Read more

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A limited edition run featuring some of our best-selling bike luggage in extra-tough camo print X-33 fabric. Get stuck into some proper midge-infested wilderness or disguise your bike for discreet overnight bivvies. The X-33 fabric combines the waterproofness and rigidity of the classic lightweight VX-21 laminate with the abrasion-resistance of Cordura®.

*Disclaimer: Alpkit accept no responsibility for bikes and luggage lost in undergrowth and shrubbery due to excessive camouflage.

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Put your brakes on, grab something cold, sit back and enjoy the flow...

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