Expedition Bikepacking luggage setup

Expedition Bikepacking luggage setup

When the journey gets longer and more remote you need to be self-sufficient. This often means carrying more stuff... Read more

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Ultimate handlebar harness to add stability
Bundle price €69,99
  • Chilli
  • Black

Big Papa Harness

Replacement or additional harness for the Big Papa seat pack
Bundle price €79,99

Fuel Pod Cradle

Keeps your Fuel Pod steady and speeds up pit stops
Bundle price €14,99

Bear Paws

Cycle pogies with Cordura outer, lined inner with microfleece cuffs
Bundle price €109,99

Our rackless bike luggage is designed to be durable enough to go the distance and light enough so that as you explore the world you can still enjoy the riding, throw in the occasional bunnyhop and drop-off a boulder just for fun. You may have to manhandle your bike over a gate, push through a swollen river, accelerate away from a charging bull - it’s all part of the fun.