Camping Lanterns and Torches

Camping Lanterns and Torches

We often only realise what a precious luxury light is when we don't have it. And being able to light up your entire tent, van or campsite with lanterns feels like magic... Read more

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200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats
Was €22,49


Bright and versatile camping lantern with a pop down torch mode
Bundle price €24,99


Rechargeable camping lantern with a magnetic back and hanging clip
Bundle price €44,99

Camping Torches, Lanterns and Mobile Charging Stations

Camping lanterns give 360 degree illumination designed for bike packing and camping in a beautful spot but equally handy whether caught in a power-cut or your car’s broken down at night. New additions are the Lampray, a bright lantern and mobile power unit that can recharge an iphone and Bob, a waterproof 200 lumen LED camping lantern that floats.