Bike Maintenance Essentials

Bike Maintenance Essentials

There's a certain sense of satisfaction we get from the smooth ride of a freshly cleaned and lubed bike. Whether you're building from scratch or running essential maintenance, we've got the cleaners, lubes and grease to see the job through... Read more

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Green Oil Bicycle Brush

Sustainably made and long-lasting bike brush with cog spike
Bundle price €17,49

Kingud Bikes Cleaner

Environmentally friendly biodegradable bike cleaner in 1L or 5L options
Bundle price €29,99

Kingud Bike Shot Cleaner Concentrate

Environmentally friendly biodegradable bike cleaner in 1L concentrate (makes 5L)
Bundle price €24,99

Kingud Citrus Degreaser

Environmentally friendly biodegradable degreaser spray, 250ml or 500ml
Bundle price €11,99

Kingud Bottle For Life

Reusable aluminium spray bottle for bike cleaner refills
Bundle price €9,99

Kingud Neutral Bucket Shampoo 1 litre

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable bike shampoo
Bundle price €14,99

Kingud Frame Renovate Protector

Finishing spray to renovate and protect bike frames
Bundle price €9,99

Kingud Kit Fresh 150ml

Deodorising spray for helmets, gloves, shoes and body armour
Bundle price €8,99

Green Oil Green Clean - 1L

Eco-friendly bike cleaner, concentrated to reduce its carbon footprint
Bundle price €12,49

Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set

Eco-friendly bike cleaning and maintenance kit with carry tub
Bundle price €74,99

Green Oil Clean Chain degreaser - 100ml

Eco-friendly degreasing gel, plant-based and biodegradable
Bundle price €6,99

Green Oil Agent Apple Degreaser - 300ml

Eco-friendly immersion degreaser for drivetrains: plant-based, biodegradable and reusable
Bundle price €17,49