Jargon Busting Sleeping Bags | Bags Explained

By Talyn Williams

Sleeping bag jargon might appear to be there to confuse. This article takes our common sleeping bag terms and explains them in plain English:

  • What is Hydrophobic Down? - This type of down will absorb less water and dry faster than non-hydrophobic down
  • What is a DWR? – Durable Water Repellent coatings are used to prevent water from penetrating the outer fabric
  • What Does ‘PFC Free’ Mean? - Any waterproofing or repellency treatments are free from poly-fluorinated chemicals (AKA better for our environment)
  • What is the AK Sleep Limit? - Our own no-nonsense rating that the majority of our customers will find to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep
  • What is Fill Power (FP)? – A rating used to measure the quality of the down by how much it lofts. The higher the loft, the more air it can trap and so has greater insulating potential
  • What is Fill Weight? – The weight of the down used in a sleeping bag. We use Fill Weight when naming our sleeping bags to give you an indication on how warm it’s likely to be, e.g. the PipeDream 400 uses 400g of down
  • What’s the Difference Between Stitch-Through and Box-Wall Construction? – Stitch-through construction directly stitches the outer fabric to the inner to hold the down in place, whereas box-wall construction uses internal chambers to maximise space for the down to loft and reduce cold spots. Generally speaking, stitch-through sleeping bags are lighter, and box-wall sleeping bags are warmer
  • What Does ‘Mummy Shape’ Mean? – The sleeping bag is tapered and narrows towards the foot end. This means there’s less air to keep warm, making you feel warmer. They’re also lighter and less bulky than their rectangular shaped cousins
  • Should I Choose a Left or Right Handed Zip? – Usually if you’re right handed, a left-hand zip is easier to operate, and vice-versa if you’re left handed. Or if like to get snuggly, all our left zip bags join to their right zipped siblings for a double sleeping bag

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