Youth Climbing Series Final

By Dan Bradley

On June 25th-26th Wolf Mountain based at Wolverhampton held the Midlands Climbing Festival, with camping, a party, bands and lots and lots of prizes to give away it was a fantastic event. On the Saturday was the final of the Youth Climbing Series 2011.

The team had be training hard, well Flo went to Paris for a bit of R&R on a trip from school for the week and was maybe a little tired! The rest were fully psyched and feeling strong, Wolf Mountain had some good routes set, although the wall was lacking a little in height it made up for it with action packed routes. For a few of them this was one of the first big final comps they had made it into so the adrenaline was pumping throughout the day.

Gracie Martin

Overall the the team came third in the UK, not bad eh? ok so we’ve dropped a place from last year but we’ll sack the coach and manager and improve for next year!
The day’s glory overall was stolen by Gracie Martin who was one of the youngest in her category (Girls 14-16) and only being 13 at the time won her group, making her British junior champion and being well earned if not a little overdue.

Well done Gracie

Full results here

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