Where's Luke?

By Luke Tilley

I am traveling my last 1000km of rail roads of an 11,000 km year.Last weekend was the European Youth Championships near Bordeaux and I finished in 13th.

I am currently staying in the beautifull Pyrenees bathed in Autumn sun, rusty golds speckled with the last greens of summer.
Yesturday I onsighted Johnnie Walker my first 8a outdoors, big day for me!

I will be traveling on to Slovenia for a senior world cup and my last ever Euro Youth Cup over the next 2 weeks, I will let you know how they go!
If you want a beautiful climbing holliday away from the crowds with 1000's of great routes within 10min drive from bed come and stay at my friend Anne's house Chez Arran near Toulouse. My 3rd trip here is as good as any! New rockfax coming out very soon.

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