BRYCS final, Ratho 2012

By Kenny Stocker

Ratho international climbing arena is, for those of you who don’t know, big. No, that doesn’t describe it. Ratho is like an Oliphaunt (Of middle earth) compared to an elephant. It is gigantic! So, when the competitors and spectators of the BMC youth climbing series literally filled it up, last weekend, you get an idea of how big this competition was. Suddenly I was quite nervous!

For me, the comp went really well. At the moment I’m in the midst of my exams and therefore am slightly distracted. Usually big, long training sessions are my up most priority… So I wasn’t feeling that strong or prepared. Luckily for me it was just the exams making me down beat. I climbed better than I could have hoped on all the problems and the first two routes. I was crushing!! Then there was my final route. Yuck.

Overall I was really pleased with my result, and how I climbed. Also it was great to catch up with friends I haven’t seen since last year; get on some really cool routes (and one disgusting one); and represent Peak area.

Again, I cannot speak for everyone else so I have done my best at getting everyone else off their lazy bums and writing a bit about how they feel it went. This is what they have to say:

Jack says: ‘I thought the cake was very nice... And everyone who climbed did very well. It was pretty good. The organisation wasn't too good but the routes set were all really good.’

Beth Says: ‘The cake was excellent! And I thought the bouldering wasn't challenging enough for our group since it seemed a bit easy. The routes however were difficult but achievable but not for me!’

Georgia Says: ‘I thought that it was a good but very long day! I enjoy myself and climbed the best I could. I also found the bouldering a bit too easy as it didn’t split my group very well but the lead climbs were great! The cake was amazing, the venue was awesome and I really can't wait for next year in the peak team! All in all I thought it was a good day! I'd like to thank everyone that helped me get there and perform my best and everyone who helped organise the event!’

Abbie says: ‘I really enjoyed the Final. It was great to see friends from other regions that I've made at other competitions again.

The routes suited my style - topping all three. The first 2 boulders were really easy but the third I didn't top until after the comp had finished!’

Joe says: ‘It was my first time at the finals, in my second year of competitive climbing, also my first visit to Ratho. The climbing centre at Ratho, Edinburgh was fantastic, unbelievable and I would recommend to any climber who has never been to try to make a visit, it is well worth it.

The finals were a little slow getting started but the climbing was really challenging in my group, boys group C (born in 1999 & 2000). I started well with the first 2 boulder problems and the first route all topped. The final boulder problem was really hard and all the boys in my group took three attempts and I slipped to second managing only to match the one before the last hold. This left the two hardest route problems, my group did the hardest one first which was absolute nails which no boys topped, but by the last route my fingers were giving out and I perhaps did not do as well as I could have.
I finished 16th in the end out of 33, which I was happy with. Overall I had a fantastic time, must say a big thanks to my Dad for taking me, and I look forward to next year when I will hopefully improve my position.’

Thank you everyone who made this possible for us, including Jim, our parents, our coaches, and the BMC. It’s been a great competition, and I look forward to seeing you all next year!


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