Bank holiday surfing in France

By Bill Anderson

After no days off work since the new year the double bank holiday weekend was a good chance to get away and relax for a weekend. After a little searching about the internet for some inspiration I managed to find some dirt cheap ferry tickets to France so snapped them up straight away. Now, where to go in France?

I had never been to the French west coast before so we decided to head there and take our playboats for a bit of kayak surfing. We sailed from Dover at midnight on Thursday and slowly made our way down the coast to our destination Les Dunes, south west of Nantes. Arriving mid afternoon Friday the weather was miserable. So we went for a walk along the beach and watched some of the local surfers at sunset. Saturday and Sunday the weather was amazing with hot sun the whole time. the waves were good too ranging from 3-7ft and perfectly clean.

It was then time to leave coming home via La Harve for dinner. It was an excellent long weekend, but maybe a little too far to drive for just 4 days.

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