A hectic weekend!

By Bill Anderson

After picking Andi up in Nottingham we headed straight to the NEC to help on the Alpkit stall at this years Outdoors Show. The Friday is usually a quiet day but for some reason the Alpkit stall always seems busy! I spent most of Friday showing people the new water resistant Jeanius Jeans, or used that as my excuse to control the water squirters anyway! After a long day on our feet, the whole Alpkit crew headed into Birmingham for a curry and some beers and to generally catch up on what everybody had been up to. The next morning arrived far too soon and we were soon heading back to the NEC for what promised to be another busy day. From the time the NEC opened it was busy, but I managed to talk to many people coming by the stand and had a fun day. When 5 o’clock came though it was time to make the mad dash back north to Nottingham and the Student Rodeo party.

The Student Rodeo is famous for being the biggest freestyle competition in the world and although I am no longer a student it was a very fun event. The only final I got to see, but arguably the most important was the mens novice final. There is always plenty of carnage and this year didn’t disappoint with most competitors having ditched their boats in favour of swimming the feature by the time the buzzer went. Great entertainment.

I also got chance to paddle on the newly improved course. There are now a lot more features spreading paddlers out a lot more. None of the fearures are world class but all are fun and deep enough to cartwheel and loop without fear of hitting the bottom.

All that was now left was the lonely drive all the way back to Teesside. After such a fun, hectic weekend I was soon glad to be in my bed.

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