Daniela & Paulo Teixeira

Climbers and Alpkiteers

Daniela and Paulo Teixeira

Climbers and Alpkiteers

"We are a couple made in the mountains. It was climbing Korjenevskaya (7105m) in 2004 that got us together, and since then we have shared a life and, of course, our biggest passion – climbing. It was this passion that made us change our lives."

At the end of 2016, Daniela and Paulo decided to leave the big city and moved to the quiet village of Manteigas in the heart of Serra da Estrela: the only mountain in Portugal where you can do mixed and ice-climbing. The granite is so splendid here that the rock climbing and even bouldering are spectacular, so they’re in paradise!

Okay, they do miss the sea cliffs they had before, but they’re only 3 hours away. Either in rock or winter climbing, short cliffs or big mountains, what they most like is to do is explore and find new routes and lines.

There is always so much to discover and so many nice places to go that Daniela and Paulo will never get bored!

The Number Crunch

  • First ascent of Kapura South Summit (6350m) in alpine style by its south face (Karakorum, Pakistan).
  • First ascent of Kartik (5115m) by its north face and second ascent by a new route of Ekdante (6100m) by its north face both in alpine style (Garwhal, India).
  • Second ascent of Kang Yatse III (6300m) in alpine style by a new route (Ladakh-Zanskar, India).

Europe Climbing trip where we opened 5 routes in 3 weeks, one in France, 3 in Spain and one in Portugal – France:

  • Alpes, south face of Point Lachenal (3613m) 330m mixed climbing, V+/M5/55º. Spain:
  • Pirinees – Ordesa Nacional Park 300m rock climbing 6b+; Peña Montañesa 180m rock climbing, 6c/A1+, south face of Perramó “Ilógica metrológica” 70m rock climbing, 6b+.
  • Portugal: Peneda/Meadinha, 180m rock climbing 6a+.